We have a great project ahead. Through a series of circumstances, one of the last plots of land not built on in the heart of Albertville was recently released for sale. This was totally unexpected !!

The area where this plot is located is a largely residential, medium density neighbourhood. It is recognizable by the presence of 3 high-rise buildings constructed for the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992, and which can be seen from a distance.

A Catholic Church and a primary school are found nearby.

The size and the proportions of the plot would allow us to put up a single storey building, thereby facilitating accès to persons with reduced mobility. We plan the building to give onto the avenue, with its entrance perpendicular to the street.

The spatial organisation has been conceived as two main volumes placed on eiher side of the main entrance. As you come in, on the left we have all the activities and services and on the right, the plenary room. These two volumes are thus seperated by a wide corridor which crosses the building, leading to the car park at the back of the plot.

Dernières Nouvelles

28 October 2015

After several months of prayer, work and meetings, we reached the starting line of our Construction Project.
In a few days we will have the results of the geotechnical study of the soil, if as expected, it is favorable, it will allow us to make the Purchase Offer for the terrain.
At the same time, in the days to come, we will deliver the dossier at the City hall to request the building permit.
We will keep you informed
Thank you for your prayers!