How to know if we are made for each other?
Am I able to accept it as (a) he (she) is?
Is it normal to have doubts?


The course Alpha Duo offers a space, a place to all couples who have been dating and want to reflect on their relationship and the notion of commitment.
Many are asking the question “Where are we going together?”, “Is this the right person for me?” … But have no place to think about it.
This course aims to ask the right questions and giving items to build a relationship on solid ground.

How’s it going?

The course consists of 5 convivial evenings. Each meeting takes place during a meal shared between guests and attendants couples couples.
Each evening unfolds around a theme as follows: meals together, and living testimonies illustrated talk, alternating with exercises to do as a couple and just the two! These exercises are always practical offering a positive outlook on the other.

The course takes place once a year. This year you can join us on Saturdays 10 and 31 October, 21 November and 12 December at 18:30
Need information?
If you want to participate in this course and you want more details, do not hesitate to contact us:
Tél.+33 (0)6 34 30 01 57
Testimonials of guests:

This course reassured me because it allowed me to tell me that life with the woman I love is possible, and advance in the meaning of marriage. Valentin 25 years.

We wanted to move forward without being already betrothed to the stage “, this course was very useful. This is perhaps even more important to be accompanied in this period a little fuzzy … … without draft decision. Laurence 30 years.

In a short time, I learned a lot about my fiancé in 4 years I had not had the opportunity to discover. It’s very useful to be able to ask well together, and having an external guide our thinking. Alice 24 years