Alpha Couple course is a series of dinners in head-to-head for all couples, married or not, who wish to take the time to two to build their relationship, strengthen their love and empower it to last …

How it goes?

The course consists of seven thematic evenings over dinner one-on-one, in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

For who ?

• For all couples: married for at least two years or living together for a few years.

• For anyone, Christian or not.

• For couples who are well and those who encounter difficulties.

How much does it cost ?

He asked the couples contribution to the costs of meals.

Need information?

If you want to participate in this course and you want more details.

Do not hesitate to contact us :

Inscriptions The course is limited to 10 couples for organizational reasons. Having the right to participate only the first 10 entries, the remaining will be part of the waiting list for the next session of the course

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